International study tour to Botswana and Namibia on establishing Disease Free Zone

The SECiM C2 project organized an international study tour to Botswana and Namibia to study the international experience of establishing disease free zone on April 17-27, 2018. In this study tour, total of 8 representatives from public and private sector participated including the Member of Parliament and member of the Standing Committee on Food and Agriculture - Mr. Soltan G, Director of Policy and Planning Department of MOFALI - Mr. Enkh-Amar M, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation Department of MOFALI - Mr. Sovd D, National Project Coordinator of SECiM C2 - Mr. Gankhuyag G, Senior Officer of VABA - Ms. Munkhtur Sh, Chairman of Darkhan Meat Foods LLC - Mr. Tumurbaatar M, Herder of Khongor soum of Darkhan-Uul aimag - Mr. Tumur B and translator - Mr. Khongorbaatar T.

Botswana and Namibia are similar in many aspects to Mongolia and most importantly their experiences of exporting meat from disease free zone to the European Union are exemplary. Both countries have good chain of command in veterinary services and the veterinary services are integral part of the meat supply chain. "Botswana Meat Council" and "Namibian Meat Committee" are key players of the meat value chain which define the export policy and coordinate the implementation. The mission team presented its findings and exchanged views on further actions in terms of establishing disease free zone during roundtable meetings with stakeholders from MOFALI, Mongolian Meat Association and meat processors.