Multi-Stakeholder Partnership meeting of the GASLs

The Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock (GASL) ( is a partnership of livestock sector stakeholders committed to the sustainable development of the sector.

To be sustainable, livestock sector growth needs to simultaneously address key environmental, social, and economic challenges: growing natural resources scarcity, climate change, widespread poverty, food insecurity and global threats to animal and human health.

The Agenda builds consensus on the path towards sustainability and catalyzes coherent and collective practice change through dialogue, consultation and joint analysis.

In February 2017, Mongolia and the FAO signed the Global Consensus on Sustainable Livestock. With its commitment to the consensus, Mongolia will enjoy opportunities to closely cooperate with other member states on sustainable development of animal husbandry, making livestock animal healthy, manufacturing products of animal-origin and eco-friendly production of raw materials and exporting them to global markets.

In this connection, the Government of Mongolia is developing a national program on the livestock industry. It is expected that the national program would be of assistance to the effective implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030, by corresponding with the Global Consensus on Sustainable Livestock and becoming wider in terms of its scope.

During the 7th Multi-Stakeholder Partnership (MSP) ( meeting held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in May, 2017, Mongolian Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, Sergelen Purev, offered Ulaanbaatar as the 8th 2018 MSP venue and the offer was supported by the Guiding group meeting.