Preliminary assessment sheet has been developed for meat processors

The SECIM project has established a Professional Advisory Group to provide consultancy and capacity building on meeting international standards and importers requirements for slaughter houses (abattoirs) and meat processing, sorting, packaging factories. In this regard, the Advisory Group has developed Preliminary self-assessment sheet of international standards and requirements.

The self-assessment sheet helps the processing companies to check if international standards such as ISO, HACCP, GMP, GHP for markets in Russian, China, the EU, the Middle Eastern countries, Japan and Vietnam are met in their production. The self-assessment sheet is designed for (1) slaughtering (abattoirs), (2) meat processing (3) meat sorting, labeling and packaging companies and it consists of 10 chapters in total that covers the international standards and requirement in veterinary service, construction/building, human resources, technology, transportation, hygiene and health.

The Professional Advisory Group then assessed the processing activities of "Sain Uul" LLC, “Zuunmod” - state owned meat processing company, "Trust Trade" LLC and “Mah Market” LLC - meat sorting and packaging factory and provided technical recommendations on meeting and complying with international standards. Following the recommendations, companies have developed action plans to improve their technologies as well as sanitation and hygiene conditions of their factories.