The President of Mongolia, H.E Battulga Khaltmaa met Mr. Adnan Quereshi, FAO Representative a.i in Mongolia.

On 3rd of August 2017, FAOR a.i in Mongolia, Mr. Adnan Quereshi had courtesy meeting with His Excellency Battulga Khaltmaa, the President of Mongolia at the office of His Excellency in Parliament House.

The FAOR a.i, Mr. Adnan Quereshi, delivered sincere congratulations on behalf of the FAO Director-General, Mr. José Graziano da Silva, and the entire Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, to the President Khaltmaa on his recent election to the Office.

In giving a brief introduction of FAO’s activities in Mongolia, Mr. Quereshi emphasized the importance of strengthening Mongolia’s economic position by diversifying the economy through agriculture and improving animal health, food quality, nutrition and herders’ livelihoods, amongst other things. He also highlighted the importance of sustainability and mitigating the impact of climate change, particularly given Mongolia’s existing extreme climate conditions.

Mr. Quereshi recalled that the President, in his role of Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, had worked closely with FAO in the past and was instrumental in bringing the FAO 32nd Asia-Pacific Regional Conference to Mongolia in 2014.

President Khaltmaa also recalled this past relationship with satisfaction and expressed his interest in expanding cooperation between Mongolia and FAO based on the previous working relationship and experiences as the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry. He highlighted his intention to strengthen and rehabilitate the food and agriculture sector of Mongolia, emphasizing the need to improve herders’ livelihoods through measures including improving the production and marketing of livestock products.

He also outlined possibilities for Mongolia, in cooperation with the United Nations and the Red Cross, to play a bigger role in humanitarian activities and provide food including meat products to countries in need. The President considered it to be an opportunity to expand Mongolia’s humanitarian activities, both within the region and beyond.

In conclusion, His Excellency, President Battulga Khaltmaa, signaled his intention to have further discussions with FAO, where more detailed proposals would be shared for further exploration and cooperation.